6 ways to embrace your inner neat freak

For some of us, browsing through perfectly arranged stationery on the Present and Correct Instagram page is better than sex. And don’t even get us started on Marie Kondo’s upcoming Netflix series. But for others, tidiness doesn’t come so easy. Whichever camp you fall into, Nicole Constantinou - professional declutterer and founder of EDIT - has six tips for neatening up your life.

Regiment your kitchen

Group kitchenware according to how often you use it. Not only will this bring zen-like order to your utensils drawer, it’ll make finding stuff simple. And don’t forget your plates: “Put everyday dishes on easy-access lower shelves, and special occasion pieces up above,” says Nicole.

Embrace wire

No-one likes unnecessary rummaging. Organise things you use regularly in see-through storage. Nicole recommends “wire baskets - they make it quick and easy to see what you need.”

Don’t sleep on it

Even if you don’t have time to tidy elsewhere, give your kitchen a once-over before you go to bed, says Nicole. It’ll make your morning nicer, for one: “Waking up to a clean kitchen is really satisfying, and sets you up for the day ahead.”

Un-jumble your jeans

There are loads of ways to make the most of your wardrobe compartments. Beyond grouping clothes by style or season, take things a step further and arrange by tone. “Denim folded by shade from light to dark instantly makes your wardrobe look put together.”

Collect the clutter

Mess is inevitable sometimes. But to keep your surfaces as clear as possible, “keep a dish or tray in the room to catch random knick knacks. Go through it weekly to put everything back into its proper location.”

Stick with the programme

Pay attention to where you put stuff when you enter a room. “Staying organised and clutter free takes consistency,” says Nicola, who suggests “designating particular spaces where things will land.” Whether your watch always goes on your bedside table or unread magazines go on a certain bookshelf, get into good habits and neatness will come naturally.

Article written by: Flo Wales Bonner

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