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Colour ideas for kitchen and dining spaces

If you’re going to be spending more time at home, it might as well be fun. And what better way to add some cheer, than adding a pop of colour? To help you make the right choice, we’ve turned to Lick’s colour expert Tash Bradley, who’s bringing you delicious ideas on how to best paint your kitchen and dining area.



1. Surprisingly, colours actually influence the way we eat. There’s a well-known fast food chain that’s famous for its use of bright red and yellow – both of these shades are stimulating, energetic and appetising, making you want to eat more. In a home, you want exactly the opposite effect. So my first choice would always be green. It’s wholesome yet calming and will quite literally make you choose greens for dinner, too!

2. With all its appliances and metal surfaces, a kitchen can actually become quite clinical looking. To balance this out, go light and warm in your colour choices. Red 03 is an earthy shade, reminding us of the sensuality of food. If you’re not into reds, choose neutral hues and bring in accents of colour through your dinnerware

3. A dining space can be bold! Maybe think about painting the ceiling, as this can feel cosy and intimate, which is especially nice if you’re spending long evenings at the dinner table. I love Blue 07 (a dark midnight shade) when it’s applied all-over, from skirting boards to ceilings. Style it with loads of candles around the room. Gorgeous. 

4. Renting? Then changing the wall paint may get you in trouble. Luckily, you can still be creative with furnishings. Choose a bright, colourful rug to place under your table, find large artworks to cover magnolia walls or – even better – a drinks trolley to get that restaurant vibe. 

5. If you have kids, time spent around the dinner table will be quite special. So in family homes, I like to use Pink 01 paired with a ceiling in White 03. This is a warm, comforting, homely colour scheme. (Plus, our matte paint is wipeable. Perfect for tomato sauce-based accidents!) 



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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