TalentLAB is now open


TalentLAB, the brand new crowdsourcing platform we launched at the V&A during London Design Festival is now open for entries. Got a brilliant product idea? Upload your concept onto the platform and if you get shortlisted, you’re a step closer to getting your product MADE. This means exposure to our design-obsessed customer base, and royalties every time you sell. Interested? Read on to find out more…

Who’s it for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established designer, a student or you’ve never designed anything in your life. All you need is a great idea and a good quality visual representation of it. Got more than one design? Don’t hold back. We want to see them all.

What should you design?

As long as it falls into one of our categories - furniture, home accessories, tabletop and kitchenware, bathroom accessories and textiles, and our soon-to-be-launched lifestyle items and gifts such as bags, games, and sports equipment - it’s a candidate for TalentLAB.

What do I need to do?

You make a profile and upload your designs to MADE.COM/TalentLAB. Every two months, MADE’s Design Director Ruth Wassermann and her team will curate a shortlist of their favourite designs. We will then work with our manufacture partners to create a prototype of every piece shortlisted, which will be photographed and put live on the MADE.COM/TalentLAB site.

Who decides whether my piece gets MADE?

Next comes the crowdfunding stage. Customers are invited to pay a small refundable deposit to show their interest in your design. If you reach your funding target, congrats! Your piece goes into production and will be for sale on the main MADE.COM site.

This process will happen every two months so there are plenty of opportunities to enter.

Why do it?

Well, why not? Not only will you have the opportunity to get your piece made, but you could also launch your design career. With TalentLAB, your ideas will reach a wider audience that isn’t available through any other conventional crowdfunding route. You’ll also receive exposure as a designer. Our 2016 Emerging Talent Award winners KIMXGENSAPA not only had their bedside table Cairn made and sold on MADE.COM, it’s now one of our top-selling pieces and has been featured in publications all over Europe.

When should you submit?

There’s no time like the present. As soon as you have an idea, submit it. And once you’ve uploaded it, you’ll have more time to dream up another brilliant piece to enter into TalentLAB. Our first round of crowdfunding opens in February so it’s time to get pen to paper and start creating.

To find out more or to submit a design, visit the TalentLAB website and hit ‘How it Works’.

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements

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