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Garden Furniture

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Garden and Outdoor Furniture

Getting ready for the summer season and setting up your garden space is one of the best ways to enjoy your time with family and friends once the typical British rains finally give way to some sunny days. Constructing and outfitting a garden or a patio is a fun and exciting project and usually much less complicated than doing interior constructions. So roll up your sleeves, get your imagination going and create that dream outdoor space you have always wanted!

First thing first, you have to decide on the outdoor space you want to set up – it can be a part of your large back garden, a cosy suburban outdoor patio or simply a balcony in your apartment. The amount of space you have available should not limit you – with good patio furniture choices, a cosy and fun outdoor space can be created practically anywhere. It mostly depends on what you are planning to do there. Depending on the size and dimensions of your outdoor area, you can create a whole variety of settings –.from dining outdoors and hosting parties for any number of guests, to seeking some alone time with a good book or soaking up some sun rays. Choose anything from our essential picks to our garden furniture sets - at, we have thought through and designed anything you might need. Browse through our outdoor furniture selection to pick your favourites for the garden space of your dreams.

Socialising outdoors

Dining al fresco and partying under the stars has never been easier if you have some space to spare and want to extend your living room vibe out onto the patio. If you plan on inviting your friends or family for a Sunday lunch or a back garden barbecue, best to make sure that you have plenty of space to fit everyone in. Garden dining sets are a quick and hassle-free way to set up an outdoor dining area and to be sure that no one will be left without a seat. If you are not quite sure how big your outdoor dinners might end up being, you should get an extendable garden table. Set up as many or as few of our garden chairs that you might be needing, and you can comfortably host anything from a cosy 4-person lunch to a 10-person family dinner. Extending garden tables are a great way to optimise your outdoor space as you will never waste any space that you could be using for something else.

If you are keen on creating your own custom setup, you can mix and match a bunch of garden chairs with an outdoor table and create some flexibility on how and where everything goes.

Or if you only have a smaller balcony, a garden bistro set might help you to create that intimate outdoor dining space with a touch of that French café atmosphere in the blink of an eye.

Foldable bistro sets are also a great way to save some precious balcony space – just fold the chairs and the table up and you can comfortably stow it away when need be. However large or small, for other creative options on how to outfit your balcony space, have a look at our balcony furniture section.

Relaxing space

Want to sit back and relax out on the patio but still have a few friends for some drinks and a catch-up? Then you might be keen on creating a private outdoor lounge area. For some beautiful and easy solutions, check out our selection of garden seating. Pick your favourite garden sofa, add an outdoor coffee table and our garden accessories for some garden decor, and instantly create that living room cosiness at the back of your house. 

If you only have a paved patio or a balcony without any green space, you can easily create your own green oasis. We have designed a whole collection of pots and planters for all your planting needs to help give your outdoor space that much needed green soul. 

Choose your outdoor furniture material

To help you find exactly the right pieces for your garden, our outdoor furniture comes in a variety of materials. Think about which kind of furniture material to pick for your garden as each one withstands outdoor weather conditions to varying degrees.

Wooden garden furniture is always an excellent choice for a classic or Scandinavia look. They are crafted from different types of wood that can resist all kinds of weather and create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. However, natural wood is not everlasting, so remember to protect it from the natural elements - regularly wipe it down and store inside during the winter months to retain the natural vibrancy of wood. 

Rattan garden furniture is another classic choice – rattan has been gracing our back gardens for decades and at the moment is one of the most fashionable trends. With rattan, the natural beauty of the material can be woven into elegant lines and curves. A more contemporary synthetic version – polyrattan – can be woven just as elegantly whilst also offering better durability, easier maintenance and a longer lifespan. 

Metal garden furniture can inspire you to create a more industrial and modern look. Metal is also a lot more durable and sturdier, so metal furniture pieces will withstand whatever weather you might experience. This is a particularly great option if you want to keep your garden furniture outdoors throughout the whole year or perhaps do not have extra space to store your garden furniture during the cold season.

If you are a bit of a budget, plastic garden furniture gives you just as much functionality as any other. On the one hand, it is easier to take care of (just a quick wash with mild detergent and some warm water will do), the material is very durable and comes in a broader range of colours. On the other, it will never be as much of a timeless choice as wood, rattan or metal.