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Garden benches

We do not think anyone could imagine a British garden without a classic wooden bench standing along a pathway or sheltered under a tree. Garden benches are a long-standing tradition, something to keep us grounded in history and our traditions. It is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy your surroundings on a beautiful day and relax your body and mind.

But beyond the traditional notion of what a garden bench should be, it does not mean that you should not embrace the contemporary trends and explore different garden bench options that are available. We have designed a beautiful and versatile collection for you to choose from and find the perfect match for your outdoor space.

Our garden seating options offer various ways to set up your outdoor space, but if you are particularly set on a garden bench, you can choose according to your taste and preferences.

Wooden benches

Wooden garden benches are always a great choice – it can fit into any kind of context and will give you a cosy familiarity. Choose a classic design version for that timeless look, or perhaps opt for a more modern interpretation to keep up with the times - maybe even a white model to shine through all the lush greenery.

The beauty, as well as a drawback of wooden benches, is its materiality. All types of wood tend to naturally age, some faster than others. So if you choose a wooden garden bench, you should keep in mind to take proper care of it if you would like it not to lose its natural vibrancy. You should regularly give it a light clean with a damp washcloth to get rid of dust and dirt, and ideally re-stain your bench annually to keep the wood healthy for many years.

Stone benches

Stone garden benches will give you that solidity and durability that will keep you enjoying your garden for many decades with minimal efforts. As craftsmanship has dramatically evolved over the years, stone benches can come in a wide variety of models - anything from classic to industrial style. 

You should not forget that although stone will last forever, as a natural material, it tends to attract dirt as well as moss onto rougher surfaces. Make sure to give your stone bench a light brush or clean once in a while to keep it in perfect shape.

Incorporating your garden benches 

Garden benches are not limited to being a standalone piece in your outdoor space. Choose a few benches to create your own garden bench set for a beautiful conversation corner. If you plan on having some outdoor parties, garden dining sets are not your only option. You can easily combine your garden bench with a large dining table, a few outdoor chairs, and you have your easy-assemble dining area.

If you already have an outdoor relaxation area but would like to have the option of expanding it, your garden bench might end up being precisely the kind of addition you need. Move it next to your fully occupied garden sofa for a few extra communal seats, and when the party is over, just set it back wherever you prefer.

The versatility that garden benches provide is endless. They go well with many kinds of outdoor furniture, so you can explore different options that you might want. You can even set up a quick garden lunch around your bench - put some rattan garden furniture next to it to create a classic high tea time, or simply bring a small garden coffee table for that quick cup of coffee in between running your errands.