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Garden Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Garden Coffee and Side Tables

Whatever the season might be, there are always beautiful sunny days to enjoy your time outdoors for a meal or a quick coffee break. Your garden, patio or even your balcony can become the extension of your home – you just need to make sure you set it up just the right way to suit your needs and taste. Choosing the right garden coffee table will go a long way to give your outdoor space the backbone that it has been needing. At, we have designed a large collection of outdoor coffee tables, so whatever your taste might be you will surely be able to start that patio transformation on the right foot.

Size up your space

Choosing the right size garden coffee table is the first thing you should decide on. If you have a larger outdoor space where you plan to spend time on frequently, you may want to set it up as an outdoor dining area or lounge. To create your dining space, you can choose one of our garden tables, or simply one or two of your preferred garden coffee tables to pair with a whole variety of garden seating options. For a full outdoor living room experience, your coffee table can become the beautiful centrepiece next to your garden sofa. With a variety of models, colours and materials available, you can always choose whether you want your coffee table to stand out from the rest of your furnishings, or blend into your space.

If you just don't have that precious patio space to spare for something that big, pair your favourite coffee table with a couple of outdoor chairs to create your own custom two-seater coffee corner – a great way to make something unique without breaking your bank! 

Or if you want to optimise your space on your balcony, choose a small garden coffee table that you can pair with a couple of folding outdoor chairs – this way you won't waste any extra space and keep your options open.

Choose your material

To fit into any kind of outdoor space, garden coffee tables come in a whole range of colours, materials and styles. If you are looking to create something more classic, you will never go wrong with a rattan garden coffee table. With a hint of a nostalgic retro feel, a rattan coffee table will give any patio a welcoming ambience. 

Another classic choice is wood - its natural colour is sure to blend perfectly into any garden atmosphere. At, you will find a wide range of wooden garden coffee tables to fit into any classic or modern style outdoor space. Bear in mind to give your wooden furniture proper care (cleaning and annually re-staining it) to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.  

For the ultimate sophisticated outdoor patio look, there is no better choice than a marble coffee table. It will give any patio a classy feel while needing just a regular wipe down to keep it looking perfect. 

If you are looking for something edgier and more industrial, why not choose a metal garden coffee table? They come in a whole variety of colours to fit into any type of setting – choose black, grey or white for a minimalistic feel, or opt for something more colourful like teal or blue to give your patio a unique pop of colour. Metal coffee tables are incredibly durable and require very minimal maintenance, so that is one less thing to worry about in any weather.