2 Seater Velvet Sofas

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Cosy up in comfort on our 2-seater velvet sofas

At MADE.COM, we’re big on style and comfort. Velvet is a fabric that ticks both of those boxes – it adds a healthy dose of texture while being sumptuously soft. Our 2seater velvet sofas are a perfect option for smaller spaces, families and couples, or if you’ve got more metres squared to play with, you can position them alongside another couch. There’s a variety of silhouettes to choose from – from blocky modern designs to dramatically curved backrests, or ultra-trendy rounded pieces. Don’t forget to consider the legs, whether it’s traditional scrolls, angular lines, or none at all. Lots of our pieces play with different eras, so you can go for retro with a twist, or updated classic styles. Consider us rule-breakers.

Pick your favourite shade

All homes are different, and our sofas come in all different colours. Go for something bold like seafoam blue, mustard or burgundy for a touch of drama, or select a more muted shade like taupe, navy or heather pink. With interior design there are no wrong answers, only what suits your taste. Try adding cushions in a matching tone, or a complementary colour that’ll make them pop against the fabric. Velvet pairs well with rougher materials like linen, so consider using that as a texture in your living space.

Maximise smaller spaces

If you’ve not got heaps of room to play with, there are plenty of design tricks that can create the illusion of space. Choose a small velvet sofa with a low back or taller legs to ensure your living room feels more spacious. Consider a sofa bed, too – so that you always have a ready-made sleeping spot for those impromptu guests (and don’t forget a soft blanket or throw so that they’re extra comfortable). Other good tips for tight spaces include filling alcoves or bay windows with built-in storage, which add depth while giving you room to tidy away bits and bobs.

Complete your living room

Staying in is the new going out, and we’re here for it. While the sofa might be the centrepiece of your living area, you need to pay attention to other details to make sure it’s the calmest and cosiest space it can be. A well-lit room will enhance your evenings, so invest in some soft lighting to create the perfect mood. Need some more ideas? Read our guide on how to cosy up your living room, from floor-length curtains to boosting your walls with the right art.