Teal Velvet Sofas

Pick out a teal velvet sofa for your lounge

It’s no secret that, here at MADE.COM, we adore velvet. A super-soft and supremely comfortable velvet sofa is a simple way to instantly bring sharp style into a room. Teal is having a real moment in interior design, so it’s the ideal time to enjoy the trend while bringing a pop of colour to your living area. Whether you’re a fan of ultra-traditional silhouettes, retro-inspired angular couches or contemporary pieces, our velvet sofas comes in all shapes and sizes to suit your layout. Love getting the corner seat? There’s a teal velvet sofa for you. If you need some more help in choosing the perfect settee, our guide on how to choose a sofa is on hand to ensure you make the best possible investment for your home.

Enjoy supreme comfort with a teal velvet sofa

Lined with plush, sumptuously soft velvet, our sofas are pumped full of materials like memory foam and feather fill – so you’ll love sinking into yours after a long day. Add a matching throw, a couple of cushions in a complementary hue (powder pink works amazingly with greenish blues) and you’re ready for a cosy night in on your teal velvet sofa. Working with an tricky space? A snug two-seater fits in most spots and won't take up too much of your precious square feet. Or, if you want to really max out your options, consider a modular design that can be moved around for the perfect fit, Tetris style.

Glow up your living area

Your lounge is complete with a sofa – so once you’ve chosen your statement piece, it’s time to start building an inviting atmosphere around it. Never underestimate the importance of lighting – we stock an array of dimmable or frosted LED light bulbs that are planet friendly, so you can bask under a warm white light source without the environmental impact. Put your sofa in the spotlight with a striking floor lamp, or set up your nook with a couple of ambient wall lights. For a really put-together look, browse our collection of teal lamps to create an artfully designed room.

Maximise your communal space

At MADE, we’re all about furniture that serves a practical purpose as well as looking great. Discover our range of stylish side tables and coffee tables for board game sessions or simply resting your drink on. Impressive collection of coffee table books? We approve. A design with a shelf or glass top displays them nicely. Don’t forget finishing touches like an area rug, and even browse our selection of Lick paint if you’re considering giving your walls a loving retouch. Even if it’s just a statement wall in a bold shade, a little colour goes a long way.