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Table talk: creating a neighbourhood hangout by the sea

Table talk: creating a neighbourhood hangout by the sea

Jenny Scott takes the term ‘supermum’ to a whole new level. With three kids, a successful business and a new restaurant to her name. Her latest venture is The Table in Broadstairs, which she renovated from scratch with partner (and chef) Joe. The result? A neighbourhood hangout that reflects the couple’s warmth and openness with its cool, industrial charm. How did they do it? We spent the day with Jenny to chat work, motherhood, and creating a community space.

Hi Jenny! Tell us a bit about you.
I’m mum to three little people: Skye, Jasmine and Sonny. I trained as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, but now I run The Table with Joe. I also have an events and marketing business called Mothers Meeting – a platform to inspire, motivate and support mums.

How did Mothers Meeting begin?

When I had my first child, I was shocked at how lonely motherhood was. I started designing posters for exhibitions and restaurants as a way to find friends, and it just grew organically. Brands started asking me to host events and it became a business without me realising.

How does a typical day start in your house?

We all have breakfast together. It’s a crazy whirlwind, but it’s so special. And hopefully a walk on the beach. Beach life is the best life – it’s medicine for the soul.

How would you sum up your interior style?

Eclectic and statement. We fell in love with our house the moment we saw it – it’s a beautiful period building with stained glass windows. We haven’t done much to it yet, but in time I’d like to make it a bit more ‘me’ with artwork, rugs and things like that – it’s all about the little details.

Let’s talk about The Table. How would you describe it?

A family-run cheese and wine hangout by the sea. Joe and I both love entertaining, and with his experience as a chef and mine in events, it felt natural to open our own place. We built the menu around sharing boards, where you can taste lots of flavours for less. It’s food that creates conversation – you start with one board but end up ordering them all!

You chose to renovate by yourselves – how did it go?
Ignorance is bliss. We were so excited to have our own place and loved the location, (it’s close to London for work, and has great schools) so we signed up without really knowing how much needed doing. From building a kitchen, to turning the top of a staircase into a toilet – we’ve done it ALL. 

Any renovation tips you learnt along the way?

It has to feel 100% right. If you have any doubts, it's not the right time or the right place. And ask for help when you need it. YouTube is great for tutorials, too. (Just ask Melanie Kieback.)

Where did you look for inspiration?

The building itself. It used to be a butchers, so we decided to keep the original features with a few industrial additions, like the white tiles, chains and earthy wood, as a nod to its heritage. Modern lighting helped turn it into a cosy, intimate space with an element of cool.

How do you want people to feel when they come to The Table?

A sense of warmth. Our aim was to create a community hub where older residents feel welcome. The focal point–our high table–encourages conversation and provides a space for workshops, book clubs and events.

How do you and Joe balance business and family?

Although we’re both passionate about our careers, we don’t want to give up time with our kids, so we based the opening hours around the school run and bedtime. And we’ve made The Table a place where families can relax, knowing that we understand what it’s like.

Any plans for the future?

Lots. Our own food range, more restaurants and more Mothers Meeting events. One day, I’d like to open a big, child-friendly space so I can combine both businesses. And I want Joe to write a cookbook and get his own TV show – you have to aim big!

Want a space that looks as good as this, but need a helping hand?
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Article written by: Ellie Hamilton
Photography by: Anna Batchelor | Art Direction by: Laura Cumming

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