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Layering your bed in a lived-in way

Lived-in bedding is having a moment. According to most of Instagram, a haphazard approach is all it takes to make a cool yet cosy bed. But there’s a fine line between artfully lived-in and woefully unloved. While life is too short for ironing bed sheets, there’s a knack to achieving that just-got-out-of-bed look. And it’s not just by getting out of bed. Here's a little inspiration on how.

Start with sheets

Bedding doesn’t have to be all white to be classy. So step away from the stark side. Try sheets in muted shades of grey, taupe or blush pink (like our Alexia set) for a subtle colour pop and an instant bedroom refresh. News flash: your bed sheet shade doesn’t have to match your duvet. And if you’re feeling really extra, add contrasting pillows for even more texture and depth.

Iron-free zone

Creases are cool. We think a little wrinkle is a good thing, whether that be around your eyes or on your bed. Our Brisa washed linen sheets, are the sure-fire way to achieving that relaxed Sunday morning look - and there’s no need for ironing. Just give them a good shake after washing for the perfect crumple.

Does size matter?

When it comes to thread count on bedding sets, bigger isn't always better. Yes, the higher the count, the softer the sheet (good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800) but really, it all depends on the fabric. We reckon it’s best to focus on how the fabric feels, and how durable it is.

Stonewashed cotton

If you’re looking for the softest set that money can buy, shop a stonewashed style, like our dreamy Alexia set. The cotton has literally been washed with pumice stones in a big ol' industrial machine. This takes the stiffness out and gives a slightly crumpled, worn-in look - which gets even softer over time.

Pillow talk

There’s nothing worse than thin pillows to make the bed feel flat. Go for good-quality for premium plumpness. Then layer, layer, layer. Prop your practical ones, that you actually sleep on at night, against the bedhead. Next, line up your accent bed cushions, in different textures and tones, in height order. They’re the proverbial cherry on the cake.

Drape your duvet

No hospital corners needed here. To make your bed in a laidback way, fold the duvet in half, with the ends over the foot of the bed. Then fold up the top half toward the pillows, so that this portion of the duvet is doubled over on itself to create volume like a puffy cloud. Don't stress about getting it just so - that's the beauty of the lived-in look.

Throw and go

For a low-key summer feel, top the look with a bold bedspread or throw. There’s no real technique here, the clue’s in the name. Just throw onto the foot of the bed, without smoothing out and trailing just slightly on the floor for maximum Insta-points.

Article written by: Natalie Wall

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