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    Rebecca Hector Clarke from Nook of the North sitting at her dining table.

    Keep it clean: how to create a minimalist family home

    Rebecca Hector Clarke, the founder of embroidery and jewellery company Nook of the North, lives in Scholes - a village between Leeds and York - with her husband and three children. Despite having a young family, Rebecca has managed to achieve a pared-back, minimalist, Nordic style in the semi-detached house. We spoke to Rebecca about creating a functional but comfortable family home.

    Faye pendant light over a wooden dining table with Jenson dining chairs

    A Careful Balance

    Each item in Rebecca’s home is considered: “We have the striking yet subtle Faye pendant light above our dining table which provides an attractive soft glow. It’s minimal arched design, brass finish and frosted glass baubles make it a beautifully balanced and very practical piece.”

    Faye brass and frosted glass pendant light over a wooden dining table with Jenson dining chairs

    Close up of the brass and frosted glass Faye pendant light

    Beaumont brass vase and Annaka vase on a sideboard with a large candle holder and other ornaments

    It’s the little things

    Having a good foundation can make a real difference to your interior: “We had every single wall and ceiling skimmed and all of the coloured walls have been painted using Farrow and Ball paint. We knew from our previous home that we wanted freshly plastered walls and the paints provide such a rich, lush finish.”

    A mid-century grey sofa against a dark blue wall with a vivid yellow and pink print hanging above it

    Growing Pains

    The Clarke family home was 84-square-metres when they first moved in, but after two extensions it grew to 163-square-metres: “Our biggest challenge was probably marrying the original and new parts of the house. We achieved it by having bare floorboards throughout, using reclaimed doors.”

    Tesserae linen cushion on a blue accent chair next to a floor lamp

    Woolly Situation

    “My husband, Jacob, would probably say the biggest renovation challenge was spending days in the narrow void beneath the downstairs floorboards to insulate the space with sheep wool batting. That was an awful job, but well worth it.”

    Rebecca Hector Clarke's kitchen with Starkey wall lights

    Built to Last

    “Much of our furniture is on legs, including our kitchen units, as being able to see under things creates a sense of space. A must-have piece should be well designed and good quality, capable of lasting years of daily use. As a maker, I’m drawn to items that demonstrate craftsmanship in their construction and finish.”

    A white kitchen with light wood counter tops and Starkey wall lights on either side of the oven

    Light Bulb Moment

    “We love the kitchen. The extension absolutely transformed it and we’re in there all the time. We chose to add a pair of Starkey wall lights in the kitchen. They were perfect for our lighting requirements as we haven’t any wall units. The minimal design and filament light bulbs look great and were just what we were looking for.”

    A grey sofa in a white room next to a wood burning fire

    Suits You

    “I like clean lines, mid-century design and creating a feeling of space and balance through composition of furniture, furnishings and lighting.“

    Rebecca Hector Clarke's embroidery resting on her sofa

    Beaumont vase next to a white table lamp

    Rebecca Hector Clarke's embroidery in her workshop

    Have Faith

    “I’ve recently taken ‘the leap’ and left my job working in museums and galleries in Leeds to concentrate on my work. Part of the renovations and extension included building a home studio and now the house is finally finished I am really enjoying working from home.”

    A peg board lined with Nook of the North jewellery and embroidery

    An upstanding piano with fringe bunting hanging above it

    Rebecca Hector Clarke organising a bookshelf in an upstairs hallway

    Family Planning

    “One of the first things we did when we bought the house was to knock out the box room to open up the landing. We had a bespoke bookcase built. We want to build a seating area so we can all read books together. This will most likely be our next project.”

    A bed with Fleck bedsheets with a large painting behind the head of the bed and two white hanging lights over the bedside tables

    A geometric bedside table with books on it next to a bed dressed in Fleck sheets

    A dark wood sideboard with ornaments and a Nisse vase on it

    Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements
    Imagery by: Joanne Crawford

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