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Our guide to styling your home with cushions

Dull colour schemes, uncomfortable chairs, your landlord’s taste in sofas – a cushion (or five) can make a big difference to the look and feel of your space. Plus, with designs coming in all shapes, sizes and materials, there’s something for everyone. Not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know to nail that master mix.



1. Keep an eye on proportions

When deciding on which size cushion to go for, the style of your home and scale of your furniture are the two main things to consider. Oversized cushions look just right on a large family sofa, while a delicate accent chair will benefit from a smaller, rectangular design. (Want help choosing a chair that makes a statement? Click here.) 

2. Arrange from large to small 

Always organise your cushions from largest at the back, to smallest at the front (ours start at 35 x 50cm and go up to 59 x 59cm). This rule applies to chairs, beds, chaise lounges and sofas alike. The more cushions you use, the closer you’ll get to that boutique hotel look – room service not included, sorry.

3. Go for maximalism…

Are you a ‘more is more’ type? Great, because we love a brave mix of colour and pattern (and so does seamstress Juilet Uzor). The trick to getting your set-up looking considered is to keep an eye on symmetry – use the same cushion on either end of the sofa and make sure the rest are lined up neatly in between. Sticking to similar tones and fabrics will help, too.

4. … or minimalism

For the purists among us, a pair of cushions is probably enough to make you happy. Pick two of the same size, but go for contrasting patterns, shades or materials (velvet and faux fur harmonise beautifully). Then, arrange the cushions on one side of the sofa. The result? Tidy, but by no means boring. 

5. And lastly, don’t fret – there is a formula 

Still not sure how to style your cushions? This formula will work for both a standard two-seater sofa and a double bed. First, start with two oversized cushions in a neutral shade, then place two standard sized cushions with a subtle pattern in front of them. Finish things off with a centred statement cushion – bold prints or strong colours are a good choice here.

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Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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