Photography 101: Instagram your space like a pro

Instagram. It’s where many of us go for our daily dose of interior inspo. But have you ever wondered how to achieve that perfect shot yourself? We reached out to On a hazy morning, an Amsterdam photography duo whose beautifully curated feed is filled with clean, crisp spaces and perfect compositions. Here, the creative couple gives us the lowdown on how to shoot your home like a pro.



1. Take a good look at the scene you’d like to capture. What’s your main subject? Make sure it’s in focus and then decide if the surroundings are adding to the photo, or distracting from it. If it’s the latter, take some stuff away.

2. Photography’s all about light, so make sure your subject is properly lit. We like to shoot with daylight as much as possible, but it can be necessary to add lamplight, too. Just make sure it doesn’t block the natural sunlight coming in through the window.

3. Does your room look too static? Then add some plants and flowers, and introduce clashing colours – you don't want your stuff to match too perfectly. We also like to create contrast by placing modern items, like the Stak flower pots, next to vintage finds. This makes the space feel more personal.

4. Decide on your photography style. If you like a clean look, then make sure the lines of the walls, ceiling and floor are all straight. This keeps the focus on your subject.

5. Shoot from different angles and see what works best for you. Combine wide shots with more detailed ones, and play with textures and shapes to see how the light emphasizes them. Think from a broader perspective, like you're telling a story.



Article written by: Gwen Gassler

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