Sofa throws to get that cosy, effortless look

Winter is coming – but you knew that. So it’s probably time to start preparing yourself for the coldest time of the year (and all the Netflix bingeing you’ll be doing). But how to take that relaxing to the maximum? Well, we’d recommend a comfy sofa to sink into, a soft and cosy faux fur throw, a cushion or two behind your back, and you’re all set to re-watch all 10 seasons of ‘Friends’.

So sit down and curl up under that blanket, with a cup of hot something in your hands. Sounds great, right? Make sure you have your throw ready for those times those stylish wooden floors aren’t giving you warmth, or when the heater just won’t do the trick. Sofa throws aren’t just a practical matter for just those kinds of moments – it can just as easily set the mood in your living room. We’re here to walk you through our tips and tricks, so you’ll love your throw all the time, wrapped up or not.



Colouring in

A throw has got as much to do with comfort as it does with the colours, material and style you want to have. These are things you probably instinctively feel when you're shopping – see what you're drawn to and go from there.

A neutral sofa could be calling out for a touch of colour. So how about a splash of mustard to bring warmth to your snuggle corner? Or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle (and to get in on the Scandi trend), a navy or grey throw is perfect for dialling up the calm.

If your style’s more in the realm of ‘playful pop of colour’, this’ll work best draped over neutral upholstery – but bright colours that complement each other can create a fun focal point, too. Think pink, butter yellow, or green. Any colour you choose will give your sofa some much-needed character.

Feel free to play with simple geometric patterns, too. Most wool throws have a pattern woven in – chevron, thick-lined squares or pinstripes. They’ll add dimension to the living room, and amp up the luxury on a velvet or leather sofa.

The right kind of cosy

When dressing your sofa with a throw, colour is just one element to consider – you can completely change the way your sofa looks and feels by playing around with texture. Faux fur throws are always the on-trend choice. Draped over simple or minimalistic upholstery, they're sure to give your sofa just the right amount of texture and richness. It’s total Nordic hygge vibes, for a totally affordable price.

Quilted throws? They’re definitely a blast from the past – but you know we love a revival. The geometric stitching could instinctively feel a bit outdated, but modern quilted throws have come a long way. Pick a single block colour, and let the stitching bring in some texture to your downtime.

Looking for something timeless? Then look no further than a knitted throw. The intricate patterns will not only bring back memories, but will add a touch of retro to your living room corner. When draped over any sofa, knitted throws add a lot of dimension and texture, instantly giving softness and flow to any clean lines of your furniture. Dreamy.

Size matters

Believe it or not, when buying a throw, one size doesn’t fit all. There’s no need for a large one if you have a 2 seater sofa – a standard 130 x 170cm size throw will be plenty to cocoon inside on movie nights and drape artfully over the sofa back when guests come over. If it’s two of you curled up on a 3 seater sofa, get something a bit bigger (like 150 x 200cm). It’s all about the proportions – you don’t want to stretch out and get cold feet.

Go with the (throw) flow

Figuring out how to decorate your sofa with a throw could seem unnecessary at first – it kind of does what it says on the tin. But there’s detail to your draping, and the right kind of fold could make or break your sofa styling.

If you’re looking for that carefree (only you know it’s intentional) look, an off-centred, casually placed drape is for you. Take your throw lengthwise and fold it in half, then drape it so that you get the edges over the backrest of the sofa and the front of your seating cushion. Tuck the centre of the throw in between your backrest and the seating, then fix the bottom portion to an asymmetrical angle. Perfectly imperfect? You’ve got it.

For an easy armrest drape, all you have to do is follow the same steps. Only this time, leave the upper part of your throw hanging over the side, with the lower part hanging at the front side of the sofa. Tuck the centre in just slightly. Sorted.

If a relaxed kind of messy isn’t really your thing, add a touch of formality with a neat, off-centre fold. This time, fold your throw in three, and place it on one seat of your sofa.

A neat trick for corner sofas? Fold your throw into a square and pop it on the chaise section of the sofa. Just make sure not to place it in the same direction your seat’s facing – we’d recommend a 45 degree angle.

The finishing touch

No cosy corner is complete without a few (or a lot of) cushions – they’ll make your sofa-throw combo even more comfortable. Dressing your sofa is all about submerging yourself in all that comfort. Mix in textured, coloured and patterned scatter cushions that fill in the gap between your sofa and the throw. Try to colour coordinate between all of them – stick to the same palette, if you can. If your sofa and throw are both pretty neutral, you can easily add a few coloured, bolder cushions to make the whole setup pop. Silk, velvet, cotton – those small details are sure to give your movie night so much more charm and comfort.