Tidy room, tidy mind: storage hacks from a prop star

Rhea Thierstein brings ad campaigns to life with her fantastical set designs. She's also a collaborator of iconic photographer Tim Walker, and the creative mind behind some of Selfridges' out-of-this-world window displays. Unsurprisingly, her North London studio is packed full of curiosities. Quite a lot of them. How does she keep it so organised? Rhea shares her tips.



1. Being organised is conducive to a clear mind and nurtures creativity. I find it distracting working in a cluttered environment. Believe it or not, everything has a place in my 'Aladdin's cave' – it's important that I know exactly where everything is.

2. Anything can be used for storage. Repurposed pots or earthenware planters are perfect for holding rolls of paper, and they look great, too. Trunks are good for keeping fabrics safe – I've collected a huge treasure trove over the years, ready to be rediscovered when the right project comes along. 

3. As well as being great for stashing general bits and bobs, shelving doubles up as a place to display your favourite possessions – like previous pieces of work. Making a feature out of them is a lovely way to remember each project, and inspire the next.

4. Light is really important, especially in the workspace. Having a mix of ambient lamp light and natural daylight makes for a very cosy environment where you'll feel relaxed, creative and focused.

5. When I'm working on messier projects, I have to wear an apron or overalls. I keep everything looking neat and tidy by hanging them on stylish hooks and wall racks.

6. I travel around a lot for work, so I keep my meeting essentials ready in a practical backpack. It means I’m prepared to take on any project. 



Article written by: Emily Rogers

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