5 ideas to display house plants

You’ll be hard pushed to find a bigger interiors trend than the rise and rise of house plants. Our appetite for verdant succulents, lush green foliage and bringing the outdoors in - isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. If you want to create an urban jungle in your home, where do you start? You need to consider species, placement, planters, real or fake. Confused yet? We're here to help. Follow these top house plant tips from the gifted green-fingered at MADE.

1. Put them in the spotlight

When it comes to leafy greens in the home, they deserve more than simply being accessories. Make them the focal point of your room with creative ideas like this one. Plus, with so many good fake plants and flowers available now, there’s no excuse not to try something a bit different.

Find great planters

India Hobson, founder of Haarkon, is somewhat of an indoor plant connonsieur - she has over 120 of them. She knows the power of a good planter, and experiments with different textures and tones to add interest to her collection of greens. Think brass, terracotta and natural stone.

Play with display

Don't be afraid to experiment, no one gets it right first time. India says, “Using stools, low tables and different kinds of shelving, we've created jungle compositions on which to put our green-leaved friends. We also use a lot of furniture that normally people might sit on!"

2. Light, water + LOVE

We know, we know: It’s an obvious one but plants do need LOTS of light. So make your greenery has plenty of it if you want to keep them looking good. India advises “Where the light falls is quite important and it's a good idea to do a bit of research about a plant before you give it a place in your home.”

Day to night

Whether you’ve got real or fake plants, you'll want to proudly display your greenery around the clock. Uplighting with small lamps, using candles or creating pools of light over your plant life will help make the most of them once the sun goes down.

Keep it clean

Just like everything else in your home, plants need dusting too. Don’t forget to give them a quick once-over when you’re cleaning to keep them looking their shiny, non-dusty best.

3. Give life to your home

Plants are a great way to brighten up a simple colour scheme as the vibrant greens will pop against crisp neutral hues. And because plants are a living thing (obviously) they’ll change hue throughout the day, meaning so will the look of your room.

Size matters

From miniature cacti and tall palms, to wide, sprawling agaves, you'll need to consider the proportions of your room. India’s trick is “create different levels and change the heights [of where the plants are placed]. Some plants can be higher up to capture the light and that way, they don’t interfere with each other, either.”

Home office haven

Tiffany Grant-Riley of Curate & Display knows a thing or two about creating a brilliant home office. One of her key tips to create an inspiring work space is filling it with indoor plants: “They do so much in terms of bringing a room to life in more ways than one. It’s rewarding to see something you’ve taken care of grow like crazy.”

4. More is more

If you’ve got tall ceilings and plenty of space, think big, think high and make a statement. Multiple plants can create a relaxing oasis like this genius plant installation in artist and designer Philip Colbert’s London home. If you’re working with smaller dimensions, lots of small succulents and mini planters will pack just as big a punch.

Au naturel

Plants work incredibly well with natural finishes like wood and stone. The wooden aesthetic of Edine Russel’s mezzanine bedroom is offset perfectly with the lush greenery of hanging baskets.

Unexpected places

From hanging baskets in the bedroom, to plants in the shower: an unexpected place can bring a new lease of life to your space. They tie in nicely with wooden furniture, or neutral spaces and make every room they're in feel more alive!

5. Shelf life

Stuck on space? Line up smaller houseplants on your mantelpiece, or on a shelf. If your living room doesn't get much light, don't forget to mist them regularly to keep them feeling happy.

Secret garden

Break up the look of your bookshelves with hidden house plants that spill out over your shelves. Look for hardy species that don't mind the lack of light and produce trailing leaves, such as the hoya. It flowers every year, with arrowhead vines, and wonderful variegated leaves.

It's whats inderneath that counts

When potting your house plants, add a thick layer of gravel at the bottom for better drainage. House plants won't thrive if their compost is soggy. And the water collected in gravel helps maintain humidity around the roots, without waterlogging.

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