See the MADE team’s home office setups

See the MADE team’s home office setups

After a year of lockdown, working from home has become a big part of everyone’s lives. Our spaces need to be multifunctional now, especially when a dedicated office isn’t an option. Here at MADE? Same – but we're surrounded by interior design experts (as every Zoom call shows). So we asked three MADE staffers how they’ve adapted to the highs and lows of WFH life. Scroll on to see their setups.

Ben, Head of Production

Finding solutions to problems is part of Ben’s job – something he put into practice when his home became his office. With partner Aaron also WFH, it was all about compromise in their two-bedroom basement flat. So while Aaron snagged the spare bedroom, Ben set up in the living room, overlooking the garden.

Location: North West London

WFH setup: Storage desk in my living room

Desk essentials: Loads of plants and a cuppa

"Don't feel guilty about your personal life blurring into work. It's all about balance."

How do you start your day?

“I do 10 minutes of bed yoga mobility – having a really decent, deep stretch. Then I read the news headlines, check personal emails and do some online French lessons. Basically, I try to get life admin out of the way.”

What are the best and worst things about WFH?

“I love that there’s no commute, which means more sleep, and it’s easier to put a load of washing on. The worst thing is having no separation; it's hard not to take work stress 'home' every evening.”

How do you create a calm workspace?

“Plants. They purify the air and are great for reducing stress. We’ve got about 100 in the flat and watering them all is a juggling act. The best desk plant? You can’t kill a Sansevieria Trifasciata (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue).”

How do you wind down in the evening?

“I get stuck into a good book. I’m currently reading Never Forget by Michel Bussi, but failing that, me and my partner will decompress with a gin and slimline tonic (or two).”

Alice, Showroom Assistant

Alice usually works from MADE’s showroom in Paris, but lockdown’s meant her role has had to flex accordingly. Style appointments are now carried out online from her bedroom in a flat share. That means lots of Zoom calls and moodboard-making, so Alice squeezed a desk into her space, right next to the balcony.

Location: Paris

WFH setup: Industrial-style desk in my bedroom

Desk essentials: Flowers, plants and plenty of water

"When I’m working at my desk I like to be comfortable, so I surround myself with soft, cosy materials."

What’s your morning routine?

“I wake up and drink a tall glass of water. It really helps to reduce the puffiness in my face. Then I light a candle and meditate. Breath work gets my body connected and energy flowing.”

Describe the view from your desk?

“I live in an apartment on the 6th floor. There's something very special about waking up before all the rush outside and appreciating some silence from streets that are usually bustling with noise.”

How do you wind down in the evening?

“I catch up with my flatmate – we’ll usually relax in our living space and prepare dinner together.”

What’s kept you sane while WFH?

“Yoga, without a doubt. It keeps me moving and connected to all parts of my body. Movement, exercise and stretching are everything to me.”

Charlene, Recruiter

Some people might miss the buzz of a busy office but for Charlene, living with her family means there’s never a dull moment. As a recruiter, she’s constantly on calls, so needs a serene workspace. The kitchen? Too noisy (and too near the kettle), so her bedroom became her base – after investing in a desk and office chair.  

Location: Essex

WFH setup: Bureau desk in my bedroom

Desk essentials: A picture of me and my husband the day he proposed

"It’s important to elevate your workspace so you enjoy spending time there. That’s why I chose a velvet office chair – it feels more luxe."

What’s your morning routine?

“I start with a 7.30am workout – usually an online class by a local women's health club. I’m at my desk for 9am, armed with a cup of tea or coffee.”

What are the best and worst things about WFH?

“I love having the freedom to spend more time with family and friends, but the whole entanglement of work and personal life is challenging – especially when you're working and sleeping in the same room. Establishing a routine has really helped to define my day.”

Any embarrassing Zoom moments?

“My sister Joy often randomly walks into my room – she’s made a few accidental appearances on Zoom! She’ll pop in for a quick catch-up or to show me a trending meme.”

What’s your best WFH advice?

“It's so easy to become glued to the screen, but try to stretch your legs every couple of hours. Go for walks during lunch (weather permitting) or take a late evening stroll to catch the sunset.”

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