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Sun-soaked days can only mean one thing — it’s summer, and our sale has just landed. From bedroom and kitchen to living and dining, we're giving you up to 40% off some of our favourite lines. Get set, scroll.





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The place to be - your kitchen!

There must be an invisible magnet that pulls us to the kitchen many times a day. Of course, it can be the obvious hunger or need for a snack but there is something more. Something magical about the one room where our food is made, the one room where a freshly brewed coffee is prepared in the morning and the place where a glass of wine and a bit of candlelight music can transform a first date into a love story. Yes, our kitchen is the soul and heart of our home. 

A moment of enlightenment 

It is well known that love goes through the stomach so why not transfer that saying into reality and give your kitchen all it deserves so you will feel full of love every time you enter it. 

We love that a kitchen has so many details that we can design and work with.

Starting from the colour on your walls or an impressive wallpaper. Patterns on your walls will make your kitchen even more special than it already is and once you pair it with the right lighting, not only your choice of wallpaper will shine like a diamond but so will the arrangement of furniture - allowing the smaller objects to appear with all their pride. 

It is truly incredible how a room can change from cold to warm, depending on the lights that you use. 

Design for everyone and everything

Details in your kitchen that are sometimes overseen, suddenly are not stored away but instead love to be shown on the countertop next to a fresh bouquet of flowers. Items such as a kitchen roll holder or dish drainer are not anymore just practical object but instead look like a design piece. We at believe that design should not be just practical but form and function are both important! Have a look at what we have to offer for your kitchen organisation and you will not want to live without them anymore. 

Your personal style is important to us

Even the most common objects come in many different styles once our design team starts working on new objects. To understand the whole spectrum a little better, just scroll through our tableware - the place where endless opportunities meet your personal taste. We thought of the best-looking dinner setting at your house and took into consideration each item you will need from cutlery to serve wear, from glasses to plates and many more. You and your guests will be amazed.