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Cafetiere & Coffee Makers

Love coffee? You'll love our cafetieres

We know there's nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee. But to achieve a perfect brew, you need the right equipment. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or new to the world of java, one of our sleek cafetieres is ideal to get you started for the day – or any time for that matter. And if you're in the market for a new coffee maker but unsure about the options on offer, you'll find everything you need at MADE.COM, from a French press to espresso makers, all in minimalist designs and go-with-anything neutral colourways.

Coffee makers for blow-your-mind coffee

How do you like your coffee? To help you decide what coffee maker is your ideal match, consider what type of coffee you enjoy. Freshly roasted blends are ideal for a French press because the grounds steep instead of filter, giving you a rich taste. Prefer the strength of an espresso? Our espresso makers are an excellent choice if you love a strong brew because they need no filter, meaning you catch every last drop of delicious coffee. How about a stovetop coffee maker? Classic Italian Moka pots are super simple to use, and the robust, intensity of the brew is benissimo.

Cafetieres for your home

If you need your morning coffee to function but can't quite face the queue at the local coffee shop, it's time to invest in a proper coffee machine. There's nothing quite like brewing a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home and – thanks to our commitment to design – it's easier than ever to get a coffee maker that suits your interior decor. Our cafetieres not only make great coffee, but they look the part in your kitchen, too. Minimal pieces really set off on your countertop, while stovetop options are so sleek and stylish you'll never want to put them away.

Match your cafetiere to your favourite mugs

Polished silver or slick black? Whatever your favourite mugs look like, there's a coffee maker to suit. You can even create the ultimate at-home coffee station with some stylish bar stools to match your look. And while we're on the subject of coordinating your homeware – you might want to consider how your table linen will influence the overall vibe of your space. Think earthy cotton and linen tablecloths for a country-inspired look, or keep it contemporary with placemats in vivid geometric patterns and opulent colours.