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Fabric Sofas

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The diverse Universe of sofas

A sofa is never simply a sofa. It can come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, colours, materials such as velvet and leather and so on. Since the possibilities are endless, we want to offer you carefully designed options to choose from. We are sure, you will find your new sofa, the central part of every living room, within our collections.

How about a multifunctional sofa?

Since everyone has an individual taste and ideal images when it comes to a new purchase, we would like to briefly introduce you to some of our fabric sofas, that we designed in order for you to be happy with your new family member.

How about Haru for instance? Haru is our beloved multifunctional space saving sofa bed that not only comes in a breathtaking amount of colours but also looks just so easy to mix and match with the rest of your home. It not only has the most simple mechanism for you to be the perfect host and prepare a bed for a good night sleep, it also comes with two comfy cushions, that look like a symbiosis of modern and stylish with its retro-inspired design and button detailing.

Nature in your living room

If you are the one to enjoy a fresh and crisp bed at the end of the day, be sure to love our Arabelo 3 seater sofa just as much. The natural cotton and linen mix will give it that holiday feeling that you deserve, once you take off your shoes and just fall into the soft and fluffy cushions. Close your eyes and you might hear the ocean outside your house.

Arabelo also comes in a light mineral grey and a midnight blue and is built to fit your home whether you will want to fit a 3 seater sofa or even the bigger version to fit 4 of your friends. If you wish to add a little bit of colour, just place our 100% cotton knitted cushion Digby and the natural elements will come together.

Smarties at any age

We are here for little coloured accents so we merged elegant light pearl grey and an

anthracite grey with small rainbow buttons that will add many happy moments every time you glimpse at Richie - the comfy 2 seater sofa. The mid-century Danish inspired shape and its smaller twin sibling, the Ritchie armchair, will transform your room into moments of joy. Of course, we think about different taste for different people and also created a slightly more serious version with unicolours such as the dark scuba blue, combined with round black legs.

An art piece - a rug

In any case, we believe that the right rug is the one item that pulls a whole arrangement together with little effort. So how about Supermundane? It sure is an art piece itself since it was designed by the London artist with the same name - Supermundane. A big rug that comes in a circular shape, with bright colourful geometric forms and thick black lines, made from New Zealand's famous wool. Did you know it is also available in a square shape and even as a doormat?

Let the happy moments start outside your home!