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Become the best host possible

Who says that the good old sleepovers and pyjama parties are over?

We don’t think there should be an age limit to such fun evenings. 

But not everyone has the possibility to host a friend. It can become a difficult task, trying to blow up an air mattress for half an hour only to realise it has a small hole on the bottom. 

We have a much more simple and aesthetic solution that takes less than a minute to put up and will give your guest the ultimate comfort to have a good night sleep.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Many of our sofas come with a hidden mechanism to pull out and just like that transform a sofa into a bed. In the morning, once everyone has had sweet dreams, it will be put back into its original shape within seconds. Put the cushions back on, place the throw and the bed is gone again. The retro-inspired vintage gold velvet sofa Haru, for instance, looks like a well-designed option to host two people comfortably and in case they will be too tired to drive back home, take out your favourite bed linen and wish them a good night - our 100% linen, like Brisa, will give that extra comfort.

Holidays within your own home 

And if family or friends come to visit for a couple of days, the ultimate solution for a holiday feeling will be one of our corner sofas, like the Milner sofa that first of all comes in many different colours but also with a lot of space - yes! space! This sofa, like many others, comes with extra storage next to the pull out bed so that additional blankets and pillows are in direct reach. Since this sofa has a lot of surfaces to hold many different cushions, we have a set of two large velvet cushions in twelve colours waiting for you to choose from. 

Good night and sweet dreams

But we know that there are many of you who might live in the city or a small house and therefore need to save every inch in your home. That’s why our design team has created single seat sofa beds like Kahlo, that will transform from your favourite spot to read into your guest’s favourite spot to sleep. It comes in salt grey and sherbet blue with elegant and always modern piped edges. If you are looking for something a little more romantic and feminine, the Bessie single sofa bed is just what you will want to add to your home -

blush pink velvet and brass legs, combined with another brass accent like our wall shelf Leyla, that doubles as stylish wall art - be careful your guests will never want to leave again.

And if you are more into copper, Moby Click Clack, our 3 seater sofa bed, is made for you.

By the way - many of our designs come in different sizes so why not pair Moby with its twin armchair?

Now, before you close your eyes and lie down, we will deliver the sofa straight to your house so that you can already plan your next sleepover and pyjama parties.