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Our sofa - Your sofa...

One way to make your home feel the cosiest and most comfortable is by choosing the right sofa for your own space. We offer a wide range of carefully designed options to help you create the perfect place to calm down and relax. You could stretch out your legs, enjoy a cup of tea and your favourite book on one of our 2 seater sofas or have your loved ones next to you on a larger 4 seater sofa. You could invite friends for a game night with a matching side table as a centrepiece and arrange our modular sofa just as you need, fitting your individual purpose. Even offering a place for friends and family to sleep after many rounds of Scrabble, is a simple task with our comfortable and space-saving sofa beds.

Choose what suits you

To meet your exact needs, you can choose from many different colours and materials just like the Claudia loveseat with elegant antique gold velvet, combined with cushions and a blanket. On the other hand, you might prefer the classic Chesterfield sofa just like the Branagh 2 seater sofa, with pine green velvet next to your fireplace and a rug, like our handtufted wool rug Isola that not only looks great but also keeps your feet warm. 

If you are looking into a brighter and vibrant piece, maybe the eye-catching pink fabric as seen on our Mid-century Danish design sofa Ritchie could be the right choice and to keep it more classic and understatement, a grey industrial looking sofa like the Jarrod version, might just be what you are looking for. 


Blush pink, brass and black marble


We have the right option waiting for you and if you are looking for pieces to add, the large Bow floor lamp with brass accents and black marble, together with our Ankhara coffee table made of natural oak and rattan, looks like a perfect symbiosis if you add the elegant Primrose chaise longue with velvet blush pink. But don’t worry - we always have in mind that not every home comes with a lot of space, which is why we also have many different small sofas. If you live in the city and do not have much space available, the classic Orson 2 seater sofa, in colours ranging from dark blue to the chic and graphite grey and an elegant natural weave could be a great solution.

A new chapter with a new sofa

Our goal is to offer you an affordable design sofa with many options to choose from that lasts for a long time thanks to the good quality which is guaranteed by us.

Whether it is a Scandinavian look or a retro style that mirrors your aesthetics, we are happy to deliver one of our sofas to your home and become part of a new chapter, the one where you sit back and enjoy life or simply feel like a lazy evening with the right movie to watch.