Green Velvet Sofas

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Unwind on a green velvet sofa

Nothing says luxury quite like a green velvet sofa. The timeless designs of these pieces make them perfect for any living room arrangement and guarantee a comfortable spot for your lucky guests. Our collection also offers a wide range of styles, sizes and designs. In need of a spacious couch for hosting parties? Our corner sofas are perfect for seating groups and helping the conversation flow. And if you're looking to accommodate overnight stays in the spare room, make sure your guests wake up refreshed on one of our comfy sofa beds.

Experiment with contrasting colours

Green velvet is a stunning addition to any living room and can easily be complemented with orange and purple tones. Why not pair the couch with a set of breezy orange cushions to really make the green velvet pop? Alternatively, some purple wall prints would fit perfectly above the sofa and bring a refreshing and vivid contrast to the space. Don't hesitate to experiment with bold colour combinations and features to help bring your dark green velvet sofa to life.

Pick the right sofa

Think about where you're planning to put your new couch to ensure you make the right choice. If you like entertaining or need to fill a large-sized room, then a velvet corner sofa can provide you with a smart and stylish solution. If you're working with less space, then a comfortable and compact two-seater might be a good match for you. If you're still short on seating options, then a green velvet armchair makes for an excellent addition. You should also consider the decor of your current space – our collection comes with a wide range of different shades and finishes, so you're sure to find something that suits.

Add those finishing touches

To guarantee your couch is the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining guests, why not add some functional accessories and finishing touches? A darker wooden coffee table can make for a great pairing with green velvet and opens up a handy spot for people to place their drinks. If you're short on space, then a stylish side table can provide exactly the same function while taking up less room. These furnishings can transform a sofa into an ideal setting for parties, gatherings and overdue catch-ups – but be warned, your guests may not want to leave.