Marble Coffee Tables

Timeless + modern = marble coffee tables

When you're furnishing your home, the big-ticket items like couches and dining tables may be the first things you'd think to pick. But consider this: some of our most memorable moments take place around the coffee table. Whether it's a champagne toast at a housewarming or sharing drinks and canapés at a baby shower, there's no better way to enjoy get-togethers than with the ultimate social surface: a coffee table. And as the perfect combination of modern and timeless, our marble coffee tables will suit any space.

Surfaces that do it all

Here at MADE.COM, we love coffee tables and their nifty sidekicks, occasional tables. Small tables within easy reach are the natural habitat for magazines, your trusty laptop when WFH and pretty bowls for pot pourri (or our favourite: nibbles). Showcase favourite possessions on a stacked marble top coffee table – pop favourite photos on the surface to leave loads of room down below for glasses and side plates. Or choose a compact, round marble coffee table with a brushed brass base to centre the room. Our tip: place it below a light fixture to highlight its glossy tones.

Neutrals never go out of style

Trends may come and go, but neutrals will always be fashionable. One benefit of marble is the wide variety of natural tones contained within the stone. If you're keeping things muted, there's sure to be a shade within a marble coffee table to accentuate your overall scheme. Explore marbles in rich caramel, misty grey and creamy white and pick out a colour to highlight with a feature rug or throw. Choose sofas and armchairs that'll bring everything together and voila: you've created an Insta-worthy look.

Marble deserves a little R&R

Like all superstars, marble is a sensitive soul, so keep it pampered and it'll reward you by staying light and bright. Marble may be tough, but it's ever-so-slightly porous and can be damaged by acidic liquids such as wine and fruit juice – so make sure you wipe up any spills straight away and keep coasters handy when entertaining. To clean, steer clear of harsh chemicals and use warm water with a dash of gentle detergent. If you keep a spray bottle to hand, and dry the top with a soft, microfibre cloth, it'll retain that natural lustre that looks so good.